How To: Apply Your Wig

How To: Apply Your Wig

Fortunately, the days of wigs being strictly Halloween gear are over. So even though wigs may seem ~scary~ at first, we promise you they aren’t. Ours are super easy to apply and look so natural that you can wear them any day of the year, not just Halloween (although we do love a good ol’ Halloween wig.)

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how to apply a wig. Maybe you just bought one of our age-old classics like Poppy or YoYo, or our newer icy blue Skye. Or maybe you’re still deciding on your new You. If that’s the case:



The goal of this blog is to break down the steps of applying a wig so that all you’ll need is a few bobby pins!

1. Start by making your hair as flat as possible. Pro tip: If you have a lot of flyaways, you can use some water, anti-frizz hairspray, or leave-in conditioner to control them. 

2. Make two low pigtails behind your head and cross them into an “X” shape. In order to achieve this, place one pigtail over the other. 

3. Once you have crossed your pigtails, you need to twist each pigtail as tightly as possible. Do this by turning your hair in between your thumb and pointer fingers until it’s completely twisted. 

4. Grab the end of the twisted strand, raise it up over your ear and bobby pin it in place an inch from your middle part. Once you have it down, continue to add bobby pins nearly every inch or so to keep your hair nice and tight. Repeat this for both twisted strands. 

5. Once all of your hair is up, you are now ready to put on your wig cap. Put your wig cap on behind your ears and leave it about an inch back from your hairline. If any hair is sticking out, use your hands to tuck it in the cap so you have a smooth base. 

This is the part you’ve been waiting for...

Put the wig on your head by placing your hands inside by where your ears would go and prop it down. Pro Tip: Line up your natural part with the wig part and pull down on the bottom of the wig to secure it in place. 

model in billie wig styled half up half down

@stephhcardenas in Billie

Pro Tip: If you feel that your wig might fall off, take advantage of the velcro in our wigs to adjust it to match your head size and shape.  

model in uma wig blowing bubbles outside

@issy.lara in Uma

Now that you know how to put on your INH wig, let’s answer some of the most common questions about wigs. 


The short answer is yes, but usually only if you have a high quality wig. Most of INH’s wigs are lace front making them easy to apply and create effortlessly natural looks perfect for all occasions. 


Pro Tip: If you’re nervous about putting on a wig, our wigs have velcro. The velcro makes it easy to adjust to your head size and shape while providing extra grip and support. 


While you can wear a wig without a wig cap, INH recommends a wig cap because they serve as a protective barrier between your scalp and the wig. In addition, they also work to ensure your wig stays on throughout the day. If you’re looking for an alternative to a wig cap, you can always create your own using a stocking.

Pro Tip: Nervous about seeing your natural hairline? Any of our wigs with bangs (check out our YoYo Wig) are ideal for beginners as they combine some of the most popular hairstyles (layers, bangs, curls) and naturally cover your hairline. 

If you’re looking for a wig with a pop of color, you’ll definitely want to consider our Uma, Skye and Penny wigs. Uma is a vibrant cotton candy pink hue that will make your unicorn hair fantasies a reality. Skye is a soft, cool periwinkle color and Penny is a hot, fierce magenta color that you can spot from miles away. 


If you’re not interested in putting on an entire wig, check out our hair extensions. The INH U-Clip is a one piece clip-in extension that you apply to the crown of your head which will add mega volume and length to your mane in seconds! Our Remy human hair clip-in extensions are great for adding a bit of volume and extra length and come in a variety of lengths for all your hair care needs. 

We hope this little tutorial inspires you to dive into the world of wigs. Show us all your beautiful wig looks by tagging us on Instagram @insertnamehere and use #inhbabe.


how do i cut the lace part

Britnie Lockyer

Thank you for this step by step tutorial. I got both the Kennedy & (shoot Im blanking on the name!) It’s the long straight blonde one with roots! And have yet to try them bc Im afraid of messing them up! I need to grab some Bobby pins at the store but now I think I’ll be good to go! I LOVE all the ponies but Im really excited to go blonde again (I miss it so much but got tired of sitting in the salon for hours & touching up my dark brown hair with a bit of black-brown or even a bit of auburn from the store works fine & costs a lot less!) & have some style to my hair! Bc of the pandemic my hair has zero style! My husband can cut it straight across really well(I was scared & then pleasantly surprised!) when it gets way too long but its just boring with no layers! So I’ve been LOVIING MY PONIES LATELY!! Thank you! I love your products!! But Im ready for a wig now!

I do have a question though … I saw a review (it was all positive!!) on You Tube of the Kennedy & the chick did everything the same way but had braided her hair instead of twisting it!

What are your guys’ thoughts on that technique?

It seems like it would me more simple but my concern should be that that may be bulky & not flat enough depending on your hair length/texture.

Anyway, thanks again! LOVE your products! The Care Bear colors are adorbs! Such a cute collab! Keep up the good work!! (just a small thought/request … maybe a sorta long red one with curls like the new Molly pony that Im about to buy! Or any longer red/auburn color- like Merida but maybe not cute as curly or bright? Ive always wanted to be a redhead!! LOL!!)

Jennifer H.

Hiya, I’ve never bought a wig with a lace front, what do you do with the lace front?


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