How To Apply The Molly Pony

How To Apply The Molly Pony

Hi all!

Ever wondered how to put in a ponytail extension?

So many ponies, so little time! We’re going to show you how to easily and effortlessly apply the Molly Pony – our curly hair ponytail extension. Molly will provide you with the extra length and volume you want when doing a high ponytail, without having to wait and grow out your hair!

Meet Molly, your cheerleader alter ego that’ll take any ponytail from sad to cheerful in 20 seconds. Minus the chanting and scorts of course.

Molly is our long curly hair ponytail made from long-lasting, realistic Japanese fibers that give you a full, lush ponytail without the headache you normally get when you pull your hair so tight. By following the below steps to apply Molly, two different ways depending on your hair texture and length, you will be bouncing around town in your high curly ponytail like the head cheerleader you are in no time!

Check out the quick and easy long curly ponytail tutorial below.

For this high curly ponytail look we are using the Hi, I’m: Molly

Complete the look: To get that curly ponytail with bangs look, spice up your curly hair ponytail look by adding bangs! Our Zooey clip in bangs will completely change up your look without the intense commitment to actually cut your hair.

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This long curly ponytail piece is best for thin or short to medium length hair

Gently brush the Molly Curly Hair Ponytail gently before applying! When brushing, start at the end of the ponytail and move up in sections towards the base. 

Step 1

Start with dry, tangle free hair. Using your fingers or a brush gather hair into a high pony and secure with a sturdy elastic.

This long curly ponytail can actually be applied two different ways so please see both options below!

high curly ponytail extension

Step 2 – Applying with Jaw Clip

If you have short hair you can now use the large clip on Molly and clip directly over your existing ponytail. Be sure to clip securely over the ponytail holder and your real hair.


high curly ponytail extension

Step 2 – Applying with Net

If you have long hair you can wrap it in a tight bun and secure it tightly with an elastic.

INH Hair Molly curly hair ponytail 

Then, taking the curly ponytail piece remove the net from around the jaw clip. This is easier than it sounds! You can just pull the stretchy netting off each tooth of the jaw clip.

Once the clip is removed, take the Molly high curly ponytail and set the net over your bun. Secure the combs tightly around your bun and tighten with the elastic string.

Please note, if you have extremely thick or long hair, this long curly ponytail may not be the best match for you as it could be difficult to fit all your hair in the net.

curly ponytail piece

Step 3

Now for the fun part! Styling! You can style this curly hair ponytail piece a couple of different ways.

Gently brush out for soft curls.

With your fingers gently twist small strands for tighter curls.

Pair the curly ponytail with bangs – Shop “Zooey” our clip in bangs here.

Also looks great with cute hair accessories which you can shop here.

h you can sho

And that’s how you apply a ponytail extension!

This is one of our favorite pony’s and the more you play with it the easier it’ll get and you will get a good feel for what works for your hair and style. Be sure to share your look with us by tagging @insertnamehere in the image and using the hashtag #INHBabe.


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