Hair Scarf Lookbook

Hair Scarf Lookbook

Accessories are the easiest way to take your look from 0 to 100. Adding a pop of color to your look is a great way to add some fun to braids, ponies, or even your bags! Here at INH, one of our favorite accessories is our brand new limited edition Blue Bell hair scarf. Let us walk you through some of our favorite ways to style it!

Look 1

The simplest way is to wear it like a headband. Fold your bandana diagonally to form a triangle, then roll or fold the longest side over and repeat until you have about an inch wide band. Lay the middle of the band down on the top of your head and tie at the nape of your neck. You can also lay the thickest part flat against the back of your neck and tie the scarf on top of your head for a very cute vibe.

This style looks great with straight hair, curls, waves, and even braids. Using a hair scarf as a headband not only adds a bit of fun to your look, it can also help keep hair out of your face throughout the day.

Look 2

The next look is to tie your hair scarf around the base of a pony or braid. I like to follow the same steps as above when folding my scarf to do this. Once my hair scarf is about an inch wide like to twist it as if I am ringing out a wet towel. I find twisting it like this helps it grip the pony or braid and prevents it from slipping out during the day. If you are doing a low pony, I recommend tying the scarf leaving the knot on the top side of my pony. This way, your hair doesn’t cover your beautiful scarf. For high ponies, I tie the scarf putting the knot under the pony. This way, the scarf doesn’t fall into your face throughout the day. 

If you don’t like the thin headband looks, you can fold it diagonally into the triangle, then lay on top of your head and tie at the name of your neck. This is a cute look for summer and also keeps your scalp covered. We love to pair this look with our Zooey bangs!

If you find the scarf is too long, you can wrap it twice around the base of the pony then tie it. Wrapping it twice gives you a lot of volume at the base and looks best with a full pony or thick braid. This looks great with our Miya or Britt pony.

Look 3

Another fun way to spice up your style is by braiding the scarf into your hair. You can do this by tying your scarf onto a hair tie, then put your hair into a ponytail and then include the scarf in two of your three braid sections. For this, I like to tie the scarf, so the middle of it is attached to the hair tie, and you are left with two ends hanging down to incorporate into your braids. This is an easy way to make a simple braid a lot more fun.

Despite the name, hair scarfs can be used for much more! One of our favorite trends is to use the scarf on our purses or even backpacks. You can simply tie it around the handles of any bag you own! You can also tie one end of the scarf to your purse strap and wrap it all the way around the purse strap. Then simply tie at the other end. This scarf takes your purse to the next level. And finally, the scarf is long enough to tie around hats for a new band.

Coordinate your scarfs with the colors in your outfit for a polished look. No matter how you choose to rock your hair scarf, we want to see the final look! Tag us in your pictures @Insertnamehere on Instagram and use #inhbabe. 

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