Caring for Kacey

Incase you somehow missed our newest launch let me introduce you to Kacey! Our girl Kacey is wonderful and ~different~. Her tinsel makes her stand out and sparkle day and night. To make sure she stays looking her best here is our little care tutorial just for you (and Kacey).

To start, lay the pony flat. You will notice that the tinsel is mixed in the top layer of the pony. You can easily separate the tinsel from the hair fibers. 

Once you have separated the tinsel portion, feel free to spray a detangling spray on the hair fibers.

Keeping the hair flat on the table, brush the non tinsel hair with a detangler brush. Brush from the bottom, mid to top. Be sure not to pull on the strands and stretch them as this causes tangling!

Lastly, brush the tinsel back into the hair lightly with your fingers. Avoid using a brush in this area, as the combing may stretch out the tinsel or cause the tinsel to break.

One of the most important parts of keeping a healthy tangle free pony is storing it properly! Be sure to always brush before storing and keep the ponytail in the included satin bag or something similar! Following these steps will keep your pony looking fantastic whether its your 1st or 100th wear. 

Show us your collection and storage @insertname here on Instagram and make sure to use the hashtag #INHbabes


  • hank

    love this product

  • Thelma

    I am absolutely shook at how wonderful my ponytails look. Kacey is next on my bucket list.!

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