Calling All Redheads: Meet Our New Reds

Redheads. You have seen them, you love them, and you may even want to be one. Our new red shades just dropped, and we are so excited for you to get your hands on them. Here is our lookbook of famous redheads to help you pick which of our reds is right for you! (Pssst - you don’t have to be a redhead to want to rock these shades)

Meet Ginger! This shade is the lightest in our red range. This shade is very realistic and is a light brown with a golden-red hue. It looks like the name suggests, like a beautiful gingerbread cookie. This vibrant shade has lots of dimensions and would look great with dark roots too! Mary Kate Olsen and Amy Adams have been spotted rock this shade as well as Sarah Michelle Gellar in the Scooby-Doo movie!


The next shade is Copper. Copper is definitely our most natural red looking shade. If you are a natural redhead, this is the color for you. This shade has a variety of red tones, which gives it a lot of dimensions. Some of our favorite celebs that would wear this color are Brittany Snow, Emma Stone, and Madelaine Petsch. 

Moving into our more true red colors. Meet Mahogany. This is a beautiful red shade with varying red tones. There is a lot of depth to this color an,d it looks great with whatever color your hair naturally is! Our favorite celebrity example of this is Zendaya. Yes, you heard right, our girl Zendaya has also rocked the red look. Just like her photo below, this color will really come to life in natural lighting. When the sun hits it yo, you will really get to see the true beauty of all the different tones in this shade.

Red Wine! This next color may not be anyone's natural hair color, but it has us all wanting to grab some hair dye. Red Wine is a plummy deep red shade. Depending on the light you are in, it can lean redder or more purple. Like all our shades, there is a variation of tones in Red Wine that give it a lot of dimensions. Check out Keke Palmer rocking this shade below.

Last but certainly not least is Burgundy. This is a beautiful rich shade. It is very similar to Red Wine but has more dark purple undertones creating a deeper overall color. It may not be a natural shade of red, but it's definitely sure to dazzle. Singers like Nina Nesbitt and Natalie La Rose have sported this color as well as actress Jillian Rose Reed.

Whether you are trying to match your hair color or add a pop of color, our new red shades are sure to do the trick! 

We want to see you looking red hot in these new shades, so make sure to tag us in all your pics on Instagram @insertnamehere and use #inhbabe.

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