6 Easy Disney Princess Hairstyles in 10 Minutes

6 Easy Disney Princess Hairstyles in 10 Minutes

Hey INH Babes 💕Halloween season is still in full force and some of you may still be deciding on a costume. Here at INH, we love Disney, especially the Disney princesses!

6 Easy Disney Princess Hair in 10 Minutes

With our products, you can get the royal look in a matter of MINUTES. Scroll down and find your fave easy Disney princess hairstyles to get the look! ✨

Princess Belle

Beauty, smarts, hot prince, great hair… Princess Belle has got it all! This Disney Princess hair look is super easy to recreate using our Layla wig as your Princess Belle hair piece. This synthetic hair wig features soft blonde highlights and beachy curls that can be tied to create a beautiful layered ponytail. For some extra flair, we recommend tying a light blue ribbon to complete the look! 💙

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Princess Jasmine

Ever liked a guy that your parents didn’t approve of? Our girl Jasmine can totally relate. This Princess Jasmine hair look is super easy to accomplish with a voluminous pony and a few hair elastics. Our Ariana pony (inspired by Ariana Grande ponytail) gives you instant volume and insane length. Once it is clipped in, wrap 3-4 hair elastics around the pony and loosen each section to create a Princess Jasmine ponytail look perfect for any Arabian night. 💠

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Princess Aurora

Nobody is more of a nap queen than Princess Aurora. What we want to know is how she keeps her hair looking so perfect while she sleeps! For an easy Princess Aurora hairstyle, we recommend using the Paris wig to mimic her long, blonde locks. Although we don’t recommend heat styling, you can definitely add a braid or some cute hair clips. And of course, don’t forget your crown! 👑

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Princess Moana

Not only was Moana successful in restoring the heart of Te Fiti, but she somehow maintained perfect hair throughout her entire ocean adventure! If you are searching for a Moana wig for adults, our Kim wig is your go-to. Not only does it feature loose beach curls, but it is also a super easy way to get effortless length and volume in seconds! Pair this Disney Princess Hair with a tropical flower crown to complete the look. 🌺

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Princess Rapunzel

Being stuck in a tower is not that cool, but having long hair that glows when you sing? Very cool. In order to achieve that lengthy Disney Princess hair, we prefer to use the Miya pony. This best selling clip in ponytail can easily be braided to look like a Rapunzel hair wig. Add in flowers and colorful clips to add fun details to your look. Bonus points if you have a green lizard friend! 🦎

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Princess Tiana

Who needs to marry a prince to be successful when you can do it all on your own? Princess Tiana is the OG #girlboss. Get her iconic look in seconds with our version of a Princess Tiana wig: our Sammy bun extension. Simply put your hair in a bun and wrap the Sammy bun around your original bun to complete your Disney Princess hairstyle. Just make sure to avoid kissing any frogs! 💋
Here’s a complete video tutorial on how to make a hair bun with our Sammy bun.

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We hope you feel inspired by these quick and easy Disney Princess hairstyles! Send us your royal looks by tagging us on Instagram @insertnamehere and use the hashtag #INHbabe! 💫

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