5 Kylie Jenner Looks Using Hair Extensions and Wigs

5 Kylie Jenner Looks Using Hair Extensions and Wigs

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When we think of trendsetters, Kylie Jenner comes toward the top of the list. From platinum blonde to cute bangs, this media mogul has tried it all! What if we told you, you too could have Kylie Jenner hair, including her hair extensions?

5 Kylie Jenner Looks Using Hair Extensions and Wigs

We’re not one to brag, but we have re-created five of Kylie’s most fire hair looks. Here is how to get Kylie Jenner hair without breaking the bank or your locks.

Blond Bob

When we saw Kylie’s blonde bob, we were totally obsessed! This sleek, short look seems to always be in style and the cut fits any face shape. If you want the adorable bob cut without the commitment, consider a wig!
Buy the Kennedy Wig

The Kennedy Wig to be exact. From running errands to hitting the club, this hairstyle fits virtually any look to seamlessly take you from day to night.

Long Ice Blonde

Nothing says “insta baddie” like some sleek, long blonde locks. With our Kyra synthetic wig, you can get the color and length without damaging your hair. Kylie loves pairing her booty length platinum blonde with athleisure to keep it hot but casual.
Shop the Kyra Wig

Wanna know how to get Kylie Jenners hair volume? This wig is heat-friendly so feel free to curl as much as you please!


True fans remember when Kylie first went out wearing colored wigs. It became cool to experiment with different hair colors, without needing to sit in the salon for 8+ hours. Go bold with purple hair!
Buy the Keke Wig

Our Keke wig gives the perfect shade of lavender if you’re in the mood to receive some double takes. Brush out the ends for softer curls!

Long Braid

If you were keeping up with Kylie’s IG feed this past summer, you’ll remember the booty length braid she wore on her lavish vacation. Not only is this look iconic, but it’s also extremely easy to re-create!
Buy the Ariana Pony

Our Ariana ponytail extension is the perfect length and can be styled into a tight braid to give the same whipping effect and achieve the ultimate Kylie Jenner hair.

Layered Waves

Kylie’s dreamy layered waves were our #hotgirlsummer hair goals! But who says they aren’t in style the rest of the year? Re-create this voluminous look with our 22 inch hair extensions to add instant length. Whether you’re going to the beach or just taking a selfie, just clip these babies in and people will be asking how you got your hair to do that.
Shop the Lux Remy Hair Extensions

Visit our Tutorial here on how to apply clip-in extensions.

Did you just grab any of these Kylie Jenner inspired hair wigs or extensions? Share it with us on Facebook and Instagram! Tag us @insertnamehere or use the hashtag #INHBabe so we could check out your look and share it with everyone!

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