2019 Holiday Gift Guide

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Hey INH babes! 💕It’s the season of giving, and this holiday, give the gift of hair! Whether it’s your beauty obsessed BFF or your mom who’s just trying to keep up with the trends, we have some great gift ideas to help you out this holiday season. Keep reading to find out our gift recommendations! 🎁

For the IG baddie in your life:

We all have that one friend who will do ANYTHING for the ‘gram. Do them a favor by getting them a clip in ponytail just as extra as they are! Our Miya ponytail easily wraps around your natural hair for an instant sleek look that goes perfect with your favorite animal print bodysuit.

Buy MIYA Clip in Ponytail

For the E-Girl in your life:

You know that friend whose fave accessory is their Nintendo Switch? Yeah, we do too! Give them some color with our KeKe wig! Featuring a beautiful platinum lavender color and layered beach waves, KeKe is the perfect option for that “want to dye my hair purple but too scared” problem.

Buy Keke Hair Wig
Looking for something a little more toned down? Consider our Demi wig! Demi is our limited edition berry-colored wig with textured waves, giving you volume and color all in one.

Buy Demi Hair Wig

For the Kardashian stan in your life:

The best form of flattery is imitation. For your Kardashian-obsessed friend who always wonders how to get that perfect Kardashian hair, consider gifting them our Kim wig! With long, soft waves and natural black roots, this wig helps you achieve that “Kim in a Skims commercial” look that is simple, yet iconic.

Buy Kim Wig

For the high-maintenance friend in your life:

If you know someone who’s always spending mad $$$ every month for that blowout look, consider giving them the gift of never having to go to the salon again! Our 100% Remy Hair extensions give mega volume and length, completely vamping up any hair look.

Buy Hair Extensions

For thinner hair, we recommend going with our Lite or Medium extensions. For thicker hair, we highly recommend our Lux hair extensions. Super high-quality and great way to transform your look for special occasions!

If you need extra help choosing the perfect extensions for your BFF, DM us @insertnamehere on IG!

For the festival-goer in your life:

Ditch the hair dye! Whether she’s a rave gal or a Coachella gal, our Magical Miya clip in ponytails give fun, vibrant color that’s perfect for any festival look. The best part is these colorful ponies are lightweight and stay secure due to the wrap base, so they can enjoy their favorite artists without worrying about slipping or headaches.

Buy Magical Miya Ponytail

For the VSCO girl in your life:

Which hairstyle goes best with a hydroflask and a scrunchie? Our Sammy bun. Simply place onto your natural bun and get the instant perfect messy bun look. And of course, wrap a scrunchie around the base of the bun for some extra VSCO-ness.

Buy Sammy Clip in Bun

For the girly friend in your life:

Give your sweetest friend our sweetest pony this holiday season! Our Brit clip-in ponytail features soft curls at the bottom, giving length and volume to any cute look.

Buy Brit Clip in Ponytail
Looking for something less dramatic? Try our Bella clip-in pony. She’s just like Brit, except shorter!

Buy Bella

For the impulsive friend in your life:

If you worry about your friend who talks about cutting their bangs at 3AM during every existential crisis, we would recommend gifting them our Zooey clip in bangs! Made with 100% Remy Human Hair, it is super easy to clip in and get the perfect natural bangs look. And the best part is there’s no need to go to the salon for a monthly trimming! Put them on and take them off whenever!

Buy Zooey Clip in Bangs
And if you really can’t decide on what to get your hair-obsessed BFF, let them choose! Give them our E-gift card, with an amount ranging from $25-$500. Always fits, never expires, can’t get lost or stolen, and hands down the BEST gift!

Buy INH Gift Card

We hope you have been inspired by our gift recommendations and don't forget to post and share your look with us by using the hashtag #INHBabe! Happy gifting and happy holidays! 🎄

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